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A. Vega Rubio Law  focuses primarily on criminal defense. We pride ourselves on properly guiding our clients through the Texas criminal justice system, and ensuring that our clients get the best results possible. Contact us today if you have been charged with a crime, such as:


- Assault

- Domestic Violence

- Theft

- Resisting arrest

- Evading arrest

- And many more.

When your Driver License gets suspended, it becomes very difficult to do simple things such as drive to work, drop off your children at school, or go grocery shopping. If your Driver License is suspended, contact A. Vega Rubio Law  so that we can help you get an Occupational Driver License to ensure that you can keep driving to work, to school-related activities and/or to perform essential duties.

Whether you've been given a simple traffic ticket or a citation for Public Intoxication, A. Vega Rubio Law  is here to help you navigate the justice of the peace court system and get the best outcome possible. 

Family Law

If you are arguing with a company, a Landlord, a tenant, your spouse, or family member, sometimes mediation is a better alternative to going to court or trial. Our skilled mediators are certified by the State of Texas, and can help find an amicable solution for both parties.

We have experienced family lawyers who are ready to serve you. Whether you're getting married and you want to protect your assets, or you simply would like to change your name, we can help. 

Estate Planning

Expunction & Nondisclosure

If you were arrested and your charges were dismissed, you may be eligible to have the arrest erased from your record. Likewise, if your cases resulted in a deferred adjudication or probation, you may qualify for nondisclosure.  Contact A. Vega Rubio Law today for a free consultation.

Being prepared is so important, especially in our unpredictable world. From drafting wills to advance directives, we can help take the burden off your loved ones by coming up with a plan in the event of your passing or a life-threatening event.



At A. Vega Rubio Law we strive to be consistent, responsive, patient and professional, giving each new case our undivided attention whilst walking the client through each step of the process.  We understand the challenges and pressure that comes with every case, thus, the goal of our team of highly skilled attorneys is not only to create measurable value for our clients, but also to alleviate and take on most of the worries and stress that accompany judicial cases.  With A. Vega Rubio Law, rest assured, you can feel comfortable, safe and confident knowing that your case is in the best hands. Call us today for a free legal consultation.



We believe that our clients deserve nothing but honesty and sincerity when communicating with our attorneys. We do not overpromise simply to get new clients, instead we lay out all possibilities and ensure that our clients know what we are doing and when we are doing it.


We believe in fulfilling our obligations. Doing your duties means more than just fulfilling your tasks, for us, it means completing a task while giving each task our undivided attention. This includes, reading case law, doing research, or consulting with other experts in the field. 


We treat our clients, opposing counsel, Court staff and the Court with respect and dignity. We strongly believe that we should treat others the same way we would like to be treated.


We believe that there is always something new to be learned, a new skill to be acquired, and that experience alone is not enough. Thus, we value continuous education in our respective fields in order to provide our clients with the best results possible. 



We embrace the use of technology and the continuous changes to help us improve the quality of services we provide our clients. 


Just as in every other type of relationship, we believe communication is key! Not only do we have a legal obligation to communicate with our clients,  but we are convinced that it is critical that we listen to our client's and co-worker's worries, thoughts, and ideas when handling a case.

No matter what charge you are facing, A. Vega Rubio Law's experienced attorneys will fight for you, so that you can get the best outcome possible! 

Here are just a few of our most recent outcomes:

Resisting Arrest

State v. S.W.

Declined to Prosecute (2021)

Assault Bodily Injury Family Violence

State v. A.L.

Dismissed (2021)




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