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Criminal Defense Attorneys Proudly Representing Austin,

Texas & Surrounding Areas  


At A. Vega Rubio Law we strive to be consistent, responsive, patient and professional, giving each new case our undivided attention while walking the client through each step of the process.

We understand the challenges and pressures that comes with every case, thus the goal of our team of highly skilled attorneys is not only to create measurable values for our clients, but also to alleviate and take on most of the worries and stress that accompany judicial cases.

At A. Vega Rubio Law, you can feel comfortable, safe and confident knowing that your case is in the best hands. Call us today for a free legal consultation


Our criminal defense law firm is fully experienced in handling DUI defense cases. We understand the complexities of these cases and will do whatever it takes to protect your rights. 

At AVR Law Firm, Defending DWI cases is important for us to protect individuals' rights and ensure that they receive a fair trial with the best possible outcome. Do not hesitate to contact us if you got a DWI.

At AVR Law Firm, we understand the seriousness of assault charges. We have experience defending clients for all types of assault charges, from misdemeanors to felonies. 

Being charged with a weapons offense can be a frightening experience. We are dedicated to providing experienced and dedicated legal representation to those who have been accused of a weapons offense. 

We provide experienced legal advice and representation to individuals accused of stealing or shoplifting. We are dedicated to helping individuals understand their legal rights and protecting them against wrongful prosecution. 

At our A. Vega Rubio law firm, we understand the complexity of the laws surrounding marijuana and can help you navigate the criminal justice system. Contact us today about a POM charge.

We are committed to providing the highest level of defense for those accused of prostitution-related offenses. We understand that many of these cases involve complex legal and social issues, so we take the time to understand the full scope of each case.

Robbery is a serious crime that can have severe consequences. If you have been charged with robbery, it is important to seek legal counsel from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact us today if you have been accused of robbery.

Being charged with murder is a serious and frightening situation. Our experienced attorneys are here to provide you with the best possible defense and support throughout the entire legal process. We will fight for your rights & liberty in every case.

We provide aggressive defense strategies to protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome in your case. If you are facing charges for possession, distribution, or trafficking, we are here to guide you through the process and fight for your freedom. 

Traffic tickets can have a major impact on your life and your finances. We have extensive experience in defending clients against traffic tickets, helping them to avoid costly fines and even license suspensions. Contact us today about any traffic tickets.

Losing your license can be a major obstacle to your daily life. That's why we are dedicated to helping our clients obtain an Occupational Driver's License (ODL). An ODL is a restricted driver's license that allows you to drive for work-related purposes.

We understand that domestic violence is a serious offense with serious consequences. We are dedicated to providing our clients with compassionate legal representation and aggressive defense. 

We have extensive experience in helping clients with expunctions, which involves clearing their criminal record of certain charges or arrests. We can guide clients through the complex legal process so their record is cleared.

At AVR Law Firm, We can work with clients to build a strong case for early termination of probation and navigate the legal system to achieve the best possible outcome for their specific situation.

At AVR Law Firm, We are not limited to the specifics of your crime, we defend clients in the greater Austin area for a number of crimes that may not be listed here, Please contact us today to discuss any crime you have been accused of.

Justice Scale

I Can’t even express how happy I am with Vega Rubio Law. They were always very helpful and quick to answer any questions I had. My experience with them was Amazing after my case was dismissed thanks to all the knowledge Andromeda has. Her and Maria always stayed on top of my case and for that I will always be Thankful. Hands down the Best Attorney ever. Don't Hesitate to have such an experienced Attorney represent you.

The attorneys at AVR Law Firm are not only competent but also diligent. I do not live in the city where my case is but I never have to worry because they update me on my case before I even think to call and ask. The prices are competitive but the customer service is where it’s at. Every single time that I call, I am connected to one of the attorneys. Highly recommend

No matter the reason for needing a lawyer, it's a stressful time. Ms. Rubio worked diligently convincing the prosecutors to dismiss the case. She kept us informed as quickly as she could throughout the process. I am very thankful we found her.




Deadly Conduct Discharge Firearm

State v. D.J.


No Billed (2022)

Assault Bodily Injury Family Violence

State v. A.H.


Dismissed (2022)



State v. S.W.


Not Prosecuted (2021)

Driving While


State v. S.A.


Not Guilty (2022)



State v. J.M.


No Billed (2022)

Driving While Intoxicated 4 

State v. C.B.


No Billed (2022)

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