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Have you been charged or arrested for assault or family violence in or around the Austin area?


If yes, you need an experienced Criminal Lawyer with a track record of successfully representing those accused of domestic violence. Our award-winning law firm is comprised of talented defense attorneys ready to fight aggressively for your rights and vigorously defend your innocence.

Accusations of domestic or family violence are serious and need to be aggressively contested. With penalties ranging from fines and probation to jail time, you need a Texas domestic violence attorney who will relentlessly fight for your reputation and freedom in and out of court. We have represented countless clients, building a solid reputation for our legal strategies, dedication to clients and results when they matter most.

Without the right help in your corner, you too could become another victim of the court system. False allegations made by angered or jealous third parties, or those looking to gain an upper hand in a custody battle or divorce are all too common.


Allegations of domestic violence need to be vigorously challenged in and out of court. It’s not just your reputation on the line, but you will not be able to be in possession of a weapon.

A Violation of Protective Order (VPO) occurs when a person violates the terms of a court order prohibiting contact with a specific individual or individuals, usually as a result of domestic violence or harassment. In most states, a VPO is classified as a Class A misdemeanor, which can carry significant legal penalties, including fines, probation, and even jail time.


However, if the violation involves violence or a threat of violence, it can be elevated to a felony charge, which carries even more severe consequences. Given the serious nature of VPO violations, it is critical for anyone facing these charges to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help navigate the legal system and protect their rights. 


Hire AVR Law Firm and know that we’ll be in your corner from day one, treating you with the dignity and respect you deserve, while doing everything we can to earn you a victory in court.


From getting charges dropped or reduced, to winning you a “not guilty” verdict or negotiating a favorable plea, we’ll explore every option possible to ensure the best outcome for your case.

Violation of Protective Order
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